Ola and her team

Ola Coker



"I started to cook from an early age as I was a very fussy eater and still love cooking tremendously. I am passionate about food being both healthy and nutritious and this is an integral part of what Ola’s Apron is all about.


I grew up outside of the UK with several siblings. My mother taught us growing up that ‘You are what you eat’. Her love for preparing fresh food and ensuring that we maintained healthy balanced diets inspired my healthy-eating lifestyle habits. I love bringing people together and I believe that good food does just that.


I qualified as a Professional Chef at London's Barnet and Southgate College, working alongside Chefs at The Ritz Hotel London, Harrods and the Intercontinental Hotel Mayfair. Through my professional experience, I have learnt how to prepare food professionally, quickly and to a very high-standard. High-quality food preparation is not just a matter of qualification but also of really good organisation, passion and patience.


I eat with my eyes. I am inspired by the transformation of raw ingredients into something beautiful. Food has to be tasty but the appearance is just as essential because it is the first impression one gets".


Ola Coker - Chef


What makes Ola's cooking so special is the passion and tender loving care that she incorporates into all of her dishes. Ola will listen to her customers and share her ideas to really understand the clients needs and then relentlessly focus on satisfying those needs.


Finalist for RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise Food Extraordinaire Awards 2015