I Testimonials


Thanks for all your hard work and pics everyone had a great time they are
already asking when is the next one so congratulations. I told them next


Viola Etienne
Time bank coordinator
Westminster Carers Service

I can honestly say that this is the best chilli sauce I have ever tasted. I am a great fan of Ola's chilli sauces. They are of such good quality and have a depth and complexity of flavour that I have never found in any other chilli sauce that I have ever tried. I have stocked up on jars, as I am always having to give them away to friends. I hope your business goes from strength to strength.

Greg Weir Media

I loved Ola’s Apron Shito, a blend of hot chilli oil with ginger, onions and garlic; it can be used a dozen ways in the kitchen, including as a wash for grilling meats, adding to soups or just plain old dolloping on dishes that need a bit of a kick.  My only regret is there isn’t a second, hotter version for chilli freaks like me; but I am sure there will be soon.

Jo Lyn